Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big Money Bottles Sold On eBay, May 2011

Hamilton’s Patent Stoneware – R. Johnson Greek St. London This pottery piece sold for: £6,310.99 (36 bids in total).
The bottle stands about 7” tall and it's not a torpedo in the truest sense, it stands up on a level surface!
It's thought to date from early to mid nineteenth century !
The bottle is glazed up to its shoulders; lip with some scratch marks and a bit of rust and dirt. The surface lettering reads: “Hamilton’s Patent R. Johnson, 15 Greek St. London”.

Royal Dalton Kingsware Whiskey Bottle – The Forty Thieves This is "The Forty Thieves" Kingsware pear shaped Whiskey Flask.
This very pretty whiskey bottle sold for: C $4,800.00 (20 bids in total)
The bottle stands about 8.5” tall and 4” in diameter
There is a small chip on the spout that must be mentioned.
But the paint and glaze are still in tip top condition.

H. Sproatt Toronto Torpedo Soda Bottle (Rare Teal)

This lovely old soda bottle just sold for: US $1,075.00 (17 bids in total)
It's one of Canada’s earliest soda bottles, and was very likely made at Lockport Glassworks in New York, NY.
The piece dates from approximately the 1850s-1860s.
The glass is a rare teal colour which is odd because most Sproatt torpedoes are aqua.
The lightly polished glass is clean with very few, minor scratches on the surface.

Rare Lime Green Gurd’s Ginger Beer Bottle – Montreal, Canada

This lime green ginger beer bottle just sold for: US $1,175.00 (13 bids in total)
It stands approximately 9.25” tall
The potter mark reads as follows, “29 Buchan & Portobello Edinburgh” with two tiny iron pops
There's a slight 1” line in the green on shoulder.
The product label reads: “Gurd’s Trademark Ginger Beer ‘The Perfect Drink’”
Hmmm I'd like to have one right now.


Anonymous said...

I have gurd's ginger beer "promotional" bottle that has been in my family about 100 years. It stands about 3feet tall and used to hold the store door open when I was little. How do I get it appraised for insurance purposes.

rob said...

join the Four Seasons Bottle Collector's club and take it to a meeting and you will get oodles of help.