Monday, April 23, 2018

2018 Toronto Bottle Show

Toronto Bottle Show & Sale hosted by the Four Seasons Bottle Collectors Club was held at the Pickering Recreation Complex again, and once again this year the show was really well attended by the public...

This year's story, on Sharing Toronto magazine, does not include these lovely images as some part of the story , their dealer, the circumstances are lost. Click the pics - they expand

A couple of KUNTZ LAGER BEER s.

This one from Scott Jordan's table i got when i set my camera on his acrylic display cube. These medical powder cans were on top.  My camera tried to find WiFi a few seconds later..

I will probably use this Jamaican ginger essence bottle (also property of Scott Jordan) image - this is an example of a picture for which i extended nohope when I snapped it without flash,  and that usually means a slow shutter speed and blur . . .
But it came out crisp.

This is Scott Wallace's ink table - pics expand

a random stoneware ginger beer bottle offering

Marcus Johnson's Devon Mead

This year the booth by booth account of the 2018 Toronto Bottle Show appears on

Its a slow load today.. be patient.