Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dumpdiggers finds a new voice on Squidoo

The earth has turned; all living things are starting fresh again outside my window. The leaves on the trees are green and the entire cityscape is suddenly alive with spring.

Timbits has been calling me, and Ace of Spades and even Chester Huff in Kenora – there’s a big dig brewing somewhere and these veterans are eager to pitch a hole.

There's excitement surrounding, and as many of you know there'll soon be an awesome social networking website at this domain; the launch date is June 1st 2008.

In the meantime, I, Rob Campbell would like to show readers the official Dumpdiggers Lens on Squidoo. Remember Squidoo? This is a multi-platform web publishing site that was created by Seth Godin to offer free media to anyone that wants it, for ANYTHING they want.

I discovered the site last year and used it for the first time last week, when searching for new and innovative mediums in which to market the Margaret Laurence book turned movie, The Stone Angel , and so I created The Stone Angel Squidoo Lens.

Big deal. Its free right?

Even though Squidoo is totally free to use, there's value here for readers and that creates a purpose for authors. Dumpdiggers just loves the flickr photo slide show widget, and the channel, the eBay widget and the Google Blog search engine are also remarkably on topic. Check the official Dumpdiggers Lens.

Have a look and tell me what you think - I will respond to all queries.