Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Holes in east Toronto Lakeshore

new holes toronto2, originally uploaded by Scipio69.

Dumpdiggers is just amazed at how much digging is happening on the Lakeshore this summer. This hole evidences an active team tunneling about in the wastelands, or what I like to call the 'Golden Triangle' of old Toronto.

Here's the overgrown aftermath of a good hole and the pay dirt was easy to find after a little bit of grass cutting the bottles were just below the surface. Look at the hackers! There's an ACME brand dairy bottle, shoe polish, cosmetics, flasks and a blank umbrella ink, and a nice brown whiskey bottle standing tall among the bottles that were left behind....

The hole itself looks like it went deep, and I know from experience that you have to go way down through a lot of crap in this particular area if you hope to find anything good. Did they find anything good? I wonder who dug this hole?

Among the shards I found this pottery stamp - I like the lions. Here's an excerpt from lean manufacturing
In 1813, Charles James Mason, of Lane Delph in Staffordshire, introduced "Patent Ironstone China." Mason used a mixture of Cornwall clay, ironstone slag, flint and blue oxide of cobalt to produce a hard, opaque, bluish white pottery that had a smooth, glossy finish after glazing and firing.

Does anyone know anything about ENOBAR? Other than the obvious fact they made Ironstone China in England?

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