Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Colleen Lynch of Dovetail Decor

Where are all the young antiques collectors? Here they are!

Colleen Lynch is the decorating diva behind Dovetail Decor, and she writes a funky decorating blog in the tips section of that website. Here's a beautiful young woman that really believes in antiques both as an investment and as functional home and office decor. She has made her name decorating with vintage furniture and her style accommodates collectors with too much stuff to display.

Yesterday Dumpdiggers helped Colleen publish her provocative ideas in an article on Prospere Magazine:

Antiques Diva Decorates with Collectibles: Colleen Lynch of Dovetail Decor helps clients take the clutter out of their antique collections

Colleen has lots of advice for bottle collectors. She recommends using picture rails and wall inserts to keep the treasures available for viewing but away from traffic. Glass should be near the window and whenever possible back lit, while pottery should be away from window and front lit.

Dumpdiggers would love to reproduce more of the photos from her amazing portfolio, but alas we would only be duplicating her original pictures and designs and not doing them justice.

But Dumpdiggers had to borrow this photo because its awesome! Click to expand. This is a fascinating look at the design progression of some everyday items and how they've each come to represent a different era of time and design. If you were a set decorator doing an 'art deco' period home, what would the telephone look like?

When antiques collectors say something is 'vintage' or 'retro' to what age are they referring?

What is the next evolution of the alarm clock?

I would like to do a chart like this for soda pop bottles, but I would start in the 1850s with the earliest torpedoes.


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I agree that the chart is wonderful! Is there one for other items or is this one of a kind?