Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eddie the Bottle Viking Shares his Secrets

Eddie Brater the Bottle Viking, webmaster and administrator of, has written the definitive How-To book on privy digging that’s destined to become a classic in our niche.

Attractively priced at $9.99, The Essentials of Privy Digging, the complete guide to locating and digging outhouse pits comes direct from his computer to yours as an Adobe PDF via some very sophisticated shopping cart software.

Despite being over 65 pages long, and absolutely packed with precious tips and full colour photos, Dumpdiggers digested the manual in one sitting. Yes it’s just that good. This is a big chocolate cake full of ideas, insights and some pretty funny stories. Did I mention there's pictures?

As an example of his refreshingly informal writing style, here’s how Eddie describes the process of liberating spring steel rods needed for privy probes from the trunks of old cars in scrap yards,

To remove them [spring steel rods], the trunk lid should be all the way up. All you need is a pair of vice grips and a pry bar, tire iron, or large flat tipped screwdriver, and also the foresight to squint like hell and turn your face 180 degrees away from the rod as it pops loose. Certain curses, or indeed, long strings of them, are handy for when the pry bar slips violently from behind a stubborn rod, and are often looked upon by any junk yard employees within ear shot as a sure sign of manliness.”

Eddie’s book has well written answers to hard questions like What does a privy feel like with the probe? and How to deal with water? Chapters like Reading the land, and Things to look for nicely communicate his years of experience. Priced to sell, this guide should help both noobs and veterans be more productive as they progress along the path of the privy digger.

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