Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Table in Dumpdiggers Underground

Arob's Table
is the first merchant ship in this exciting new social networking site for low tech treasure hunters.

The Underground Show and Sale on is a place where antiques collectors can display those unique items in their possession they'd most like to trade away.

The speech bubble windows on the left side of the table allow the seller to pitch products to buyers, and to specify which items he or she seeks in exchange for proffered goods. There is a comment box on the right side of the table for viewer feedback.

Arob's Table hosts all the antiques that I found in Bert Dalmage's workshop and its worth noting that I've already sold that gorgeous Red 1960 Rotary Dial Phone on Ebay for only $9.99 plus $10 shipping. The sale ended yesterday - it broke my heart as it will probably cost twice that much to ship it east to the buyer in NFLD, but that gentlemen wrote me an email this afternoon and told me he was a fan of Dumpdiggers blog, and so I'm thrilled to do business with him. LOOK HERE at this 1900s FLOOR SHINE Mop Polish tin on eBay is worth $100 but is listed for $12, and that sale ends this week !

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