Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Best Coin Battle in the Dumpdiggers ARENA

Visit the Dumpdiggers Arena to submit photos and vote in Battle #3 for the Best Coin.

Starting Nov 23rd and running all week until Saturday night Nov 29th the Best Coin battle is really heating up... which coin will win?

One member, stonebottles has posted several photos of the best coins in his collection, but he has neglected to provide viewers any information about any of them?

Now Dumpdiggers are manufacturing software and must fill in those info cards to make the battle more relevant to users... Can you hep me?

There's a thread on the Dumpdiggers discussion forum where you can write the names of any coins and ID them, and I will eagerly add any information deposited there to the individual images card to improve the 'infotainment' quality of this spectacle.

Readers, won't you please share your expertise, visit the site and help me ID these coins?

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