Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Introducing Malcolm Mcleod

This picture perfectly describes Malcolm Mcleod . He’s an ace in the hole. His toothy smile raises moral. His sharp tongue keeps everyone honest. At one time Malcolm was called ‘The Captain’, but now seems to have outgrown the title, as well as the hat with the ship’s wheel that inspired the moniker.

On Sunday April 26th the Dumpdiggers were in a secret spot which I cannot reveal (yet…) But I can report the occasion. The day was hot and bright and became a red letter day for all Canadian diggers as Timbits and Malcolm reunited; they dug a hole together in a secluded ravine in Toronto's Treasure Triangle.

Toronto's Treasure Triangle?

Do you know what it means when I say they dug a hole together in the triangle? That's the area all along the Lakeshore from The Distillery to Church and Dundas st. That's the oldest and historically richest (albeit the economically poorest) section of Toronto - inside this huge right angled triangle is where you find the oldest stuff in the city.

But let me tell you about the initial walk and talk over the property as these two great veterans did a general survey of this secluded century old dump. With only their boots and spade shovels they probed the area. Then came two separate historical reports as they each recounted what secrets they knew about the site. Next they sunk some test pits to peak under the top soil. And then finally it happened...

The two great men pitched a hole together.

Timbits and Malcolm Mcleod are among the best and most prolific diggers in the Canada. They rule the Southern Ontario scene and have contacts all over this great nation. They are also childhood friends and adventure companions. Nothing could keep them apart, but something did. What was it? Who cares because that's old news and they're together again now.

Taking turns we all dug hard until noon – nothing of value was recovered, but I took home the best of what was found and that included a ceramic master ink, a cobalt blue Bromo Seltzer 2 oz jar and a Union Soda bottle. Malcolm also gave me a Toronto druggist bottle with my name on it. How cool is that? I promise to photograph that piece and blog that story soon.

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That would be really interesting to dig up some things with stories behind them :)