Thursday, January 10, 2008

eBay Scavenger - How to Find Stuff to Sell

Six months ago I wrote an article for Bizcovering magazine entitled, How To Find Stuff To Sell on Ebay,

Scavengers find the best stuff to sell online.

To my satisfaction, the article soon became a very popular and has now been viewed almost a thousand times. As of this morning it has earned $3.54 in that author rewarded web 2.0 world. What's more exciting to me is that the Stanza corp protects the originality of the submitted content. These guys won't publish duplicate content, and (they claim) they'll drop content that's heavily replicated after it has been accepted as original work and published on their site.

That means Bizcovering is a massive collection of original works, and it's no secret that search engines love that type of website. It's interesting that this article's pages have grown in prominence because they are optimized and original (and also helpful and informative; Google Page Rank = 2). What's this really means is, today's search engine users that type the words 'eBay Scavenger' into the query box will find this article in the first page of results!

I have since contacted Bizcovering magazine and edited the piece to include a 'back link' to Dumpdiggers. Forgive the obvious SEO properties of this post; I reveal these marketing strategies only as insight into how eBay Scavengers can promote their own sales online.

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