Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Wise Old Man

While excavating old dumps, Diggers will sometimes pray to God for luck.

Not all Dumpdiggers are Christians, but in my experience, veteran diggers all believe in some sort of supreme deity. Passionate historians recognize and honor divine mechanisms that help them make sense of the stories in which they traffic.

Dumpdiggers love contests and especially online web challenges. You will find an interactive photo challenge on and links to All Canada Contests in the friends and alliances section of that website. This is because that website is the best in Canada at collecting and connecting our people with contest opportunities.

In the United States, men and women with metal detectors on the forgotten battlefields of the American Civil War carefully follow the footsteps of men with rifles one hundred years ago. Adventurers with shovels and brooms sweep away a century old debris to discover the remains of the Gold Rush.
Privydiggers honeydip the latrines of their ancestors. Antiques & Collectibles bargain hunters are also historians and often quite religious.

As mentors go, this Dumpdigger holds in high regard the old man.

HOW TO FIND A LOST DIAMOND The old man once found a diamond that had slipped from an engagement ring and disappeared into the cracks of an old kitchen floor. He re purposed the bride's nylon stocking over the end of a vacuum hose nozzle and vacuumed the entire room. The diamond appeared in the lint trapped in the stocking.

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