Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mike, Matt and Brian Go Digging in New Hampshire

Occasionally, Dumpdiggers dot blogspot will publish submissions from other enthusiasts, or those people kind enough to put images to anecdotes in the Digging Stories category of the discussion forum on

This is one of those occasions. DiggerMatty has uploaded some wonderful photos and prose concerning his most recent adventure in New Hampshire. Here are his images and text:

A Winter Dig
by DiggerMatty (every picture expands - just click)

Well, Mikey found us a dump to dig for the winter months. All the dumps up here are getting sketchy due to the police activity, so we had to improvise! Plus it is about time Mikey brought something to the table (Just kidding Mikey)! You know I love ya man! Believe it or not Mikey has invited me on SEVERAL excellent digs!

So back to the story...Mikey called me one day and told me he was on to a decent dump down his way.

A couple weeks passed and the opportunity came about for me to investigate it. Mike, Brian and I all met there for a dig. I came to the conclusion before long that this dump used to be a pond that was filled in with trash in the early 1900's. As you all know I research...

So we did some digging and came up with some pretty good stuff. I dug a fairly scarce jar and gave it to Brian...he collects them. It was a IMPROVED JAM with a monogram on the back.

We scored some Milks, some odd-ball meds, and I dug about 8 Duffy's Malt Whiskey's (6 intact).

It was a fun time. I also dug a NICE stone master ink that was encrusted with something? Wait till you see how that cleaned up!

Here are some pics from the dig! Click on pics to blow them up!

Went digging again down Mikey's way...I met the digger (Greg) who was generous enough to share the dump with us. He found the dump and then he and Mikey got permission from the land owner.

Greg is one hell of a avid digger as well. We had a great time.

So this is going to be our winter dump digging least until spring. I guess all that matters in these hard time is that we can get out as diggers and enjoy each others company...and maybe a few good finds......OR GREAT ONES!

Here are the photos from today’s lucrative dig. Thanks Greg & Mikey.........

I HAD A REAL BLAST...but that Burger King food that Mikey got us had me farting like a mental patient that lost his colostomy bag!

Mikey found a neat Whiskey from the UK.....

I dug an AWESOME mosquito cure.......

and Greg dug a BUNCH OF SWEET STUFF.

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