Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Antiques Collecting

Dumpdiggers are the most passionate antiques collectors.

Dumpdiggers are experts that research, locate and excavate the precious objects that would otherwise remain lost. This begins the 'life-cycle of patronage' that every found item endures as it appreciates in value on its path to the museum - which is every true historic artifact's ultimate accommodation.

It's common for prolific diggers to unload their relics in bulk at pawn shops, Saturday markets and bottle shows. Antique pickers scour junk shops and flea markets to bring these objects to more knowledgeable dealers. Upscale customers buy these objects in high end antiques stores to add to their collections at home - where do true antiquities go next?

Here's a fine assembly of ornate 'oiling' cans. When I peruse this collection I'm left thinking about the genius mechanics, or the eccentric inventor who tinkers over his contraptions. What will happen to these items when their collector leaves this world? Will they be sold off individually? Or will the entire hoard be donated to a museum for a tax receipt against the capital gains accrued by the inheritance (in some States). The latter scenario has become quite common in Canada, and there are many small museums that now have huge collections - sometime their historic inventory is three or four times larger than the building's capacity for display (and it makes me wonder if sometimes whole rooms full of historic items sometimes get lost out the back door?).

Passionate collectors can spend hours online following their hunger for history and researching their own pieces. Unfortunate most other antiques and collectibles blogs are huge photo collections with very little descriptive text. The shutter happy bloggers in this case don't spend any time describing the object's history, and if they write any text at all, its usually just to detail the condition of the item.

Dumpdiggers is always eager to add other like-minded sites to the blog roll, but very few domains exist that would benefit the Digger's Alliance. Just today however, I added Antiques Collecting to the list because I like the style and presentation of this blog's information. It could benefit from a few more pictures actually, but I like how it appears on the same template as Dumpdiggers and it shares a similar perspective on some subjects. Check it out!

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